Bimat Eye Drops

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  • Generic:Bimatoprost
  • Indication:Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma
  • Manufacturer:Ajanta Pharma
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  • Strength:3ml
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Generic Name: Bimatoprost
US Brands: Latisse and Lumigan
Uses: Glaucoma, Eyelash Growth
Strength: 3ML
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Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
Product Code: Bimat-3ML
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Bimat eye drops are used as eye drops and prescribed for the treatment of eye conditions such as open-angle glaucoma, and intraocular hypertension in people of the age of 16 and above.

It contains 0.03% of prostaglandin known by the name Bimatoprost and apart from relieving the high-pressure build in the eyes due to in-efficient drainage of the aqueous humour in the eyes, Bimat eye drops can also be used for growing eyelashes that are short in length or if the person is suffering from eyelash loss due to various factors.

What are the Uses of Bimat Eye Drops?

The Bimatoprost Bimat eye drops are prescribed across the whole world for the treatment of three major conditions that we discuss below:

Open-Angle Glaucoma

Open-Angle Glaucoma is a type of eye condition known as Glaucoma, and it is also known as chronic simple glaucoma or wide-angle glaucoma. This condition can damage the optic nerve and if left untreated, it can even lead to vision loss or blurry vision.

This condition is often caused due to high pressure on the optic nerve due to lack of adequate drainage of the aqueous humor in the eyes, and Bimat eye drops help by relieving the pressure thereby alleviating the symptoms of open-angle glaucoma.

Intraocular hypertension 

Intraocular hypertension is one of the causes of glaucoma, and it occurs when there is a lot of pressure on the optic nerve as the aqueous humour does not drain as frequently as it should.

Bimat eye drops relax the blood vessels of the eyes and cause the optic nerve to relax, thus allowing proper drainage of the aqueous humour and thus treating intraocular hypertension.

Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes

There are certain people whose eyelashes are short, and thin due to various factors such as diet, genetics, or even side-effects of medications that make eyelashes fall before completing their growth cycle.

Bimat bimatoprost eye drops are applied to the eyelashes to promote their growth and this solution can make the eyelashes grow thicker, darker, and longer within a short span of time.

What are the Directions and Usage Guidelines for Bimat Eye Drops?

When the doctor prescribes you Bimat Eye Drops for the treatment of wide-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension, or for promoting the growth of your eyelashes, you will be given a set of specific instructions to follow regarding the usage as well as the dosage of Bimat eye drops. Those instructions and guidelines are to be followed religiously to avoid the risk of overdose or faulty way of administration.

A drop or two of the Bimat Eye Drops are added to the eyes for the treatment of glaucoma, and ocular hypertension, but if you are using Bimat eye drops for growing your lashes that you will have to use a clean mascara brush to apply the Bimatoprost solution present in Bimat eye drops once a day.

How Do Bimat Eye Drops Work for the Treatment of Open-Angle Glaucoma, Intraocular hypertension, and Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes? 

Each bottle of Bimat Eye Drops 3 ml contain 0.03% Bimatoprost, which is the key ingredient that allows these eye drops to treat high-pressure build in the eyes.

Intraocular hypertension occurs when the aqueous humour, which is the liquid in the eyes, does not drain well and pressure builds on the optic nerve. This can lead to conditions such as glaucoma but when Bimat eye drops are used to treat either of these two eye conditions, then the pressure is relieved as the Bimatoprost solution helps in the proper drainage of the liquid.

When it comes to the growth of the eyelashes, the Bimat Eye drops solution gest absorbed in the root of the lashes and makes them grow stronger, darker, and longer, thus treating the problems regarding eyelashes loss or premature falling of the lashes.

The Side-effects of Bimat Eye Drops:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Headache
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Itching of the eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Vision Loss 
  • Swelling of the Eyes
  • Growth of Hairs

These are some of the side effects of Bimat eye drops that may occur, it is also a good idea to ask your doctor for a detailed list of potential side effects of this medication before you make use of it for any of your treatments.

Allergic Reaction:

If you have had an allergic reaction to Bimat eye drops, or Bimatoprost solution in the past, then it is best to avoid making use of Bimat eye drops.

Warnings and Precautions Associated With the Use of Bimat Eye Drops

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised against making use of Bimat eyed drops unless it has been made mandatory by your doctor.

One of the side-effects that may occur after making use of Bimat eye drops is blurry or double vision, hence it is recommended that you do not drive or handle a complicated machine immediately after adding the Bimat eye drops to your eyes.

People who suffer from various types of liver, kidney, or heart conditions should confirm with their doctor regarding the use of Bimat eye drops for your treatment to avoid any severe damage to your eyes or your health.

If you have or had any specific eye conditions or allergic reactions to any eye drops in the past, then please let your doctor know about them before you use Bimat eye drops for your treatment.

If any drop of Bimat Eye drops falls on any other part of your body such as cheeks, or forehead then make sure to clean it immediately with a clean cloth as Bimat Eye drops tend to promote hair growth if left to get absorbed in.

Where to Buy Bimat Eye Drops for the Treatment of Intraocular hypertension, Glaucoma, and Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes?

Bimatoprost is available across the whole world, and if your doctor has prescribed you Bimat Eye Drops then you will easily be able to purchase Bimat Eye Drops from your local store. But if you would rather not step out of your house for medications, you can buy Bimat Eye Drops online from the online store of your choice. If you are using Bimat Eye Drops for the growth of your eyelashes, then you can even buy Bimat Eye Drops as an over-the-counter medication for cosmetic use.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Use of Bimat Eye Drops

Q.1: Can Bimat Eye Drops be used more than one time in a single day?

Generally, when Bimat Eye drops are prescribed for the treatment of hypertension in the eyes, or wide-angle glaucoma, or even for the growth of eyelashes, it is only recommended to be used a single time a day. Using it more than once may reduce its effectiveness and may possibly cause more severe side effects. If you are unsure about the frequency of the usage of Bimat eye drops for your treatment, then you can always confirm it with your doctor.

Q.2: Can we use Bimat Eye Drops for the healthy and thick growth of eyebrows?

The key ingredient in Bimat Eye drops is Bimatoprost which is an FDA-approved prostaglandin as a cosmetic product for the growth of eyelashes and making them thick, long, and dark. But there is a lack of research to affirm the safety of the use of Bimat eye drops for the growth of eyebrows. You can contact your doctor and find out more about things you can try to promote the growth of your eyebrows.

Q.3: What happens if you use Bimat Eye drops for growing your eyelashes, but a little bit of it enters your eyes?

Bimat Eye drops are approved for use as eye drops for treating high pressure in the eyes as well as for treating glaucoma, so if by chance a little bit of Bimatopors solution enters your eyes while you apply it on your lashes, then also it will not cause any harm to your eyes.

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