Cenforce 100 is a common generic medicine that restores male activity and power. Sildenafil is indicated in the prescribed dose by this name. The output is produced by CENTURION Laboratories, the reliable Indian company. Thanks to their flexible costs and high quality, the featured range has exceptionally positive reviews from consumers. we are going to know more about Cenforce 100 reviews, usage, side effects, manufacturers, and many more in this article later. 

What is Cenforce 100?

Cenforce 100 mg tablet is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction manufactured by Centurion Labs India (ED). This medication is also known as the blue pill and contains Sildenafil citrate. It can be obtained by legal medicine only and it is recommended that you never medicate yourself on this medicine.

What is cenforce 100 used for?

Tablets for aspiratory hypertension and erectile dysfunction are employed for the treatments of Cenforce Sildenafil Citrate. The primary reason for making the tablet is erectile dysfunction, which causes the portion to widen the veins, allowing the legible blood flow in the penile muscles. Due to this function, the pill is used for pneumonic hypertension treatment as an auxiliary.

This part allows great blood flow and therefore the penis gets more carefully and produces great results.

Manufacturer of Cenforce 100

It was established in 2006 by Centurion Laboratories to produce Cenforce 100. It is known to be the trusted producer and provider of all medications.

Centurion Laboratories produces medicines that are produced by high-quality ingredients and are developed by the following industry standards. At the time of production, a team of seasoned experts oversees these drugs to ensure their safety.

How cenforce 100 work?

It is a workable arrangement for Sildenafil citrate. The pill contains the so-called traditional Viagra sildenafil citrate. The PDE 5 inhibitor Sildenafil citrate prevents the PDE catalyst from coming in. This PDE chemistry interferes with the synapse cGMP activity. Because the synapses cannot function properly, the message moves downwards between the mind and penis muscles, thus postponing the system. This sildenafil citrate material allows the message to be exchanged legitimately. The brain responds thus to the incitation and the penis is firmly erected.

The pill also expands the penile area’s veins and thus allows large flows of blood. The large blood flow contributes to capacity improvement.

Sildenafil citrate Cenforce 100 is taken to avoid the arrival of PDE. It allows a legal exchange of the message through synthetic sildenafil citrate. The mind responds to this invitation along these lines and the penis is firmly erected.

Cenforce 100

How to take Cenforce 100?

Until 30 minutes of sexual intercourse with a woman partner, take this medication with a full glass of water. For better results, the plan for sex should be taken before an hour. One tablet should be taken within 24 hours and should be advised to check with the doctor before using the medicine.

What is the dosage of Cenforce?

Due to the dose of the medicine you should take this medicine carefully, it is very necessary to treat impotence. The Cenforce 100 can also be used in different concentrations, for instance

Missed dose

Cenforce 100 medicines should be taken when and when necessary so that a dose of this ED medication is not likely to be missed.


This medicine can only be taken in accordance with the doctor’s dosage. More than the dose set will cause several difficulties with this medication. The body may be immune to this medicine if the medication is overused.

Side Effects of cenforce 100

Most common

  • Flushing
  • Pain in the muscles 
  • Bleeding nose 
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Diarrhea 

Less common

  • Burning sensation in the chest or stomach 
  • Blood in urine 
  • Frequently urinating 
  • Indigestion 
  • Stomach upset and pain 
  • Pain in the bladder

Rare side Effects

  • Anxiety 
  • Pain in the bone and chest 
  • Convulsions(seizures) 
  • Cool and pale skin 
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Loss of vision 
  • Bleeding in the eye 
  • Cold sweat


Keep away the children’s arrival and sight. Store in the original, moisture-protected package.

Cenforce 100 vs Viagra

Cenforce 100 is another astonishing pill known as Generic Viagra. This classic Viagra is faster and produces snappy results with Viagra in real life. Non-exclusive Viagra is faster than plain Viagra and hence works better than the body reaction. Cenforce 100 is also known as 100 viagra cenforce.

FeaturesCenforce 100Viagra
Active Ingredient:SildenafilSildenafil
Drug class PDE5 inhibitorPDE5 inhibitor
Used for:Erectile DysfunctionErectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer:Centurion LaboratoriesPfizer
Duration4 to 5 hours4 to 5 hours
Alcohol permissible?NoNo
Taking time15 to 20 minutes before15 to 20 minutes before



How long does Cenforce 100 start to work?

Cenforce 100 mg starting time After you take a 100 mg pill, it takes an average of 30 minutes for your body to display its effects. It is best if you take this tablet for better results 60 minutes before your sexual activity.

Is Cenforce 100 is FDA Approved?

Yes, Cenforce 100 is FDA approved.

How much dose is enough?

This medication is 100 mg at the most powerful dose. For the prescribed dose, consult your doctor.

Top 5 Cenforce 100 reviews

Cenforce 100 reviews 1:

Victor: Because of its comparatively smaller price range, my move from Viagra to Cenforce is as good as it comes. I will certainly continue to use it.

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Jeff: I am in my late 40s and in the last couple of years, I have been unable to please my wife in bed. My erections are not as solid, robust as they were before. I quickly realized. My doctor recommended that I take Viagra (sildenafil), which I considered too costly to afford. I searched for a generic version and bought it from this shop Cenforce (sildenafil). Approximately an hour later, I was totally ready for my initial Cenforce pill. It lasted approximately half an hour and I was ready to go to another session about 20 minutes later. Cenforce is much, much cheaper than the little blue pill.

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Brian: I have bought Cenforce 100  from Genericbuddy and I have been extremely happy with the quality and choice.

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Adam: I Will recommend it to others and will use it again to produce it very quickly.