Careprost Eye Drops

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  • Generic: Bimatoprost
  • Indication: Glaucoma, Eyelash Growth
  • Manufacturer: Sun Pharma
  • Packaging: 3ml Bottle
  • Strength: 3ml
  • Delivery Time: 6 To 15 Days

What is Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum?

Careprost eyelash growth serum, also known as Careprost eyelash growth solution, is a liquid solution with a concentration of 0.03%of Bimatoprost and is used to encourage eyelash growth.

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog and known as an ocular hypotensive drug, and although used primarily to treat glaucoma, it's become very successful as an eyelash improver.

As thicker and darker eyelashes are now considered symbols of beauty, many people, particularly women, have been searching for ways to develop longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. You can read more about this here.

The Bimatoprost solution that makes up the Careprost Eye Growth Serum promotes the growth of eyelashes by increasing the activity of hair follicles.

Careprost eyelash growth solution meets this criterion very well.

How to Use Careprost Eyelash Growth Solution for Thicker, Longer, and Darker Eyelashes?

Side effects of Careprost Ophthalmic Solution

There are many side-effects of Careprost that can arise following the use of the Careprost Eyelash Serum:

  • Headaches
  • Common Cold
  • Stuffed Nose
  • Runny Nose
  • Double Vision
  • Photosensitivity
  • Night blindness
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Weakness
  • Body aches
  • Loss of voice
  • Swollen eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Itching of the eyes
  • Painful eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Inability to identify colors
  • Blurry eyesight
  • Discharge from the eyes

This is a shortlist of side-effects of Bimatoprost, and if you would like to know much more about the side-effects of this solution, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

The list of drugs and medications which may interact with the Bimatoprost Solution:

  • Latanoprost ophthalmic
  • Latanoprostene ophthalmic
  • Tafluprost ophthalmic
  • Travoprost ophthalmic
  • Unoprostone ophthalmic

To ensure that the product, products, or any other over-the-counter ds that you may use do not interfere with the Careprost Eyelashes Growth Solution, send a list of all such things that you use to your physician.

Warnings and Precautions to be aware of before making use of Careprost Eyelashes Growth Serum:

  • If you have developed hives, rashes or swelling, or allergic reactions when you have utilized eye drops in the past, kindly do not use the Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum.
  • If the Bimatoprost solution falls on other areas of your body, you are likely to see hair growth there.
  • You can avoid this from occurring by wiping out the solution right after it falls.
  • If you use this remedy for a long time, your eyelashes and the skin around your eyelashes will become darker in color.
  • It will return to normal after you quit using it, generally within a few weeks or a month or two.
  • Continuing the use of the drops can darken your iris. It's always a lasting impact.
  • If you continue to use this solution without any gaps, your iris will darken, and as it is a permanent impact, we suggest that you use this solution only as long as your doctor has asked you to do so.

Why is this medicine prescribed?

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is being used to treat glaucoma (a disorder in which increased pressure in the eye can lead to a progressive loss of vision) and ocular hypertension (a condition that causes increased pressure in the eye).

Bimatoprost is in a family of drugs called prostaglandin analogs. It reduces the pressure in the eye by increasing the flow of natural eye fluid out of the eye.

How is this medication to be used?

  • Bimatoprost ophthalmic arrives as a solution (liquid) for instilling in the eye. It is normally instilled in the impact of the changes) once a day at night. Try taking the drug at about the same time every day.
  • Follow the instructions on your medication label closely and talk to your doctor or pharmacist to clarify any part you don't understand.
  • Using bimatoprost as directed. Do not take it more or less, or use it more frequently than recommended by your doctor.
  • Bimatoprost regulates but does not cure glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Try to use bimatoprost eye drops even though you feel fine. Do not quit taking bimatoprost eye drops before talking to your doctor.

Take these steps to apply eye drops:

  • Hands should be washed with water and soap.
  • Test the dropper tip to make sure it's not broken or cracked.
  • Stop touching the eyedropper tip or something else; eye drops and droppers must be kept clean.
  • When you're tilting your head back, pull your index finger down the lower lid of your eye to make a pocket.
  • Keep the dropper with the other hand as close to the eye as possible without scratching it.
  • Brace the remaining fingers of your hand against your forehead.
  • Squeeze the dropper gently when you look up so that a single drop of it falls into the pocket of the lower eyelid.
  • Remove the index finger from the lower eyelid.
  • Close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes and tilt your head down as if you were staring at the floor.
  • Please try not to blink or squeeze your eyelids.
  • Place your finger on the tear duct and apply gentle pressure.
  • Wipe any extra fluid out of your face with a tissue.
  • If you want to use more than one drop in the same eye, wait at least 5 minutes before instilling the next drop.
  • Replace and tighten the cap on the bottle of the dropper.
  • Do not wash or rinse the edge of the dropper.
  • Clean your hands to clear any medications.

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