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Cenforce 100

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  • Generic: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories
  • Packaging: 10 Tablets in 1 Strip
  • Strength: 100Mg
  • Delivery Time: 6 To 15 Days
  • Availability: In Stock

Cenforce 100 Mg

Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate
Strength: 100Mg
Product Code:Cenforce100
SKU: Cenforce-100
Why prescribed? For Erectile dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories
Lowest price: $0.64/pill
Payment method: Paypal and Net Banking
Delivery Time: 6 - 15 working days
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Cenforce 100 Mg tablet is a prescription medication that is used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence). It improves blood supply to the penis by increasing blood flow. This assists men in obtaining and maintaining an erection. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, which is a class of medication.

Cenforce 100mg Tablet can be taken either on an empty stomach or with food. It should always be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor. You should take about an hour before engaging in sexual activity. The time it takes to work depends from person - to - person, but it usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. This medication will only assist you to get an erection when you are sexually aroused. However, if you do not have erectile dysfunction, you do not use this medication. It must not be taken more than once per day.

Cenforce 100, Buy Cenforce 100 Online Side effects, Uses, Dosage USA, UK

This medication's most common side effects include flushing (a feeling of warmth), headache, dizziness, blurred vision, muscle pain, stomach upset, and rash. If any of the side effects trouble you or do not go down, contact your doctor.

This medication is not approved to be used by women, and men should stop taking any other medications to treat impotence without first consulting a doctor. This can be risky to take it with nitrate-containing medications (often given for chest pain or angina). 

If you have serious heart or liver problems, either recently had a stroke or heart attack, or have low blood pressure, do not take this medication. Before taking it, tell your doctor if you have any of these or other health issues. If this medication makes you dizzy, you should not drive. Drinking alcohol while taking this medication raises the risk of side effects.


Treatment of Erectile dysfunction


In Treatment of Erectile dysfunction

Cenforce 100 Mg tablet belongs to a class of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. It functions by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis. When sexually aroused, this allows blood to flow into the penis and develop an erection. This medication will only assist you in obtaining an erection if you are sexually aroused. It is extremely successful, but it must be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Do not take this medication if you are already taking nitrate-containing medications (often given for chest pain).


Centurion Laboratories, founded in 2006, is the manufacturer of Cenforce 100. It is regarded as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of prescription medications.

Centurion Laboratories manufactures medications that contribute to the industry standards and use high-quality ingredients. To ensure safety, a team of specialists oversees these medications during the manufacturing process.

It is based in the Indian state of Gujarat. Centurion Laboratories is known around the world for producing high-quality antibiotics and generic medications for erectile dysfunction, male impotence, fungal allergies, and other conditions.


The majority of side effects do not require medical attention and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult your doctor if they continue or if you are concerned.

Common side effects of Cenforce 100

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Rash
  • Upset stomach
  • Muscle pain
  • Blurred vision


Take this medication in the dosage and for the time prescribed by your doctor. Take it all at once. It should not be chewed, smashed, or broken. Cenforce 100mg tablet can be taken with or without food, but it is best to take it at the same time every day.


Cenforce 100mg Tablet is a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitor. It works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis, allowing more blood to flow into your penis during sexual stimulation. This helps in the production and maintenance of a hard, erect penis perfect for sexual intercourse.


Alcohol: It is not safe to drink alcohol when taking Cenforce 100mg Tablet.

Pregnancy: There is no information on the use of Cenforce 100mg Tablet during pregnancy. Please contact your doctor.

Breastfeeding: There is no information on the use of Cenforce 100mg Tablet when breastfeeding. Please contact your doctor. Cenforce 100mg tablet should not be used by women.

Driving: Cenforce 100mg Tablet can minimize your alertness, disturb your vision, or cause you to feel sleepy and dizzy. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not drive.

Kidney: Cenforce 100mg Tablet is authorized to use in patients with kidney disease. There is no need to change the dosage of Cenforce 100mg Pill. However, notify your doctor if you have any underlying kidney disease. If the medicine is not well absorbed, the dose can be lowered from 100mg to 50 or 25mg.

Liver: In patients with serious liver disease, Cenforce 100mg Tablet should be used with caution. Cenforce 100mg Tablet dose may need to be changed. Please contact your doctor.

There is a lack of data on the use of Cenforce 100mg Tablet in patients with serious liver disease.


If you missed a dose of Cenforce 100mg Tablet, take it as soon as possible. If your next dose is approaching, skip the missed dose and resume your daily routine. Do not increase the dose.


Store in the original package, in order to protect from moisture. The medicine is not meant for the use of children. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. For further help consult your healthcare professional.


Both Cenforce 100 and Viagra are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil Citrate is the same active ingredient in both of them. However, there are some differences between the two that allows Cenforce 100mg a much better choice than Viagra, including:-

  • In comparison to Cenforce 100, Viagra is more expensive.
  • Both have the same active ingredient Sildenafil citrate FDA-approved for treating erectile dysfunction (impotence).
  • Cenforce 100 mg has the same effect as Viagra without the side effects.
  • The medicine is available both online and in retail shops, making it easy for everyone to access it.
  • Cenforce 100 is more popular than Viagra because of its low cost, safety, and availability. 
  • As a result, doctors highly prescribe it.


Specification Cenforce 100Viagra
Drug class PDE5 inhibitorPDE5 inhibitor
Used for:Erectile DysfunctionErectile Dysfunction
Price:$0.64 to $0.85/pill$6 to $10/pill
Manufacturer:Centurion LaboratoriesPfizer
How long last?4 to 5 hours4 to 5 hours
Alcohol allowed?NoNo
Taking time30 minutes to 1 hour before30 minutes to 1 hour before


Q-1. How long does it take for Cenforce 100mg Tablet to work?

The time Cenforce 100mg Tablet takes to work changes from person - to - person, but it usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. However, if you take Cenforce 100mg Tablet with a heavy meal, it may take longer to start working. Its effects can last for about 3-4 hours.

Q-2. Can I get Cenforce 100mg Tablet without a prescription?

Since Cenforce 100mg Tablet is a prescription medication, you may require a doctor's prescription to obtain it. Your doctor can only recommend it if they believe it will be helpful to you.

Q-3. Can I take Cenforce 100mg Tablet as often as I want?

No, Cenforce 100mg Tablet should not be taken more than once a day. If you take more Cenforce 100mg Tablets than the prescribed dosage, you may experience a growth in the number and severity of side effects. Flushing, fever, muscle pain, stomach discomfort, allergic reactions, and vision changes such as blurred vision are among the common side effects. If Cenforce 100mg Tablet doesn't really help you get an erection or if your erection does not last long enough for you to complete sexual intercourse, consult your doctor.

Q-4. When should I take Cenforce 100mg Tablet?

Cenforce 100mg Tablet should be taken around 1 hour before you expect to have sex. With a glass of water, swallow the tablet completely. Notify your doctor if you believe Cenforce 100mg Tablet's impact is too powerful or too low.

Q-5. Can I take Cenforce 100mg Tablet for premature ejaculation?

No, it is not known that Cenforce 100mg Tablet has several beneficial effects in the treatment of premature ejaculation. It is prescribed to cure erectile dysfunction. Cenforce D is used to treat premature ejaculation.

Q-6. Why is the use of Cenforce 100mg Tablet contraindicated with nitrates?

Patients taking nitrates or blood pressure-lowering medications should avoid taking Cenforce 100mg Tablet because the combination can cause a significant drop in blood pressure, which can lead to serious. However, if these medications are to be administered simultaneously, it is recommended that a 24-hour gap be maintained between the administration of Cenforce 100 and the administration of blood pressure-lowering medications.

Q-7. Why does Cenforce 100mg Tablet cause a fall in blood pressure (hypotension)?

Cenforce 100mg Tablet has the potential to relax the smooth muscle of the blood vessels and expand them, resulting in a decrease in blood pressure (hypotension). When combined with blood pressure reducing medications or nitrates, it can create a significant drop in blood pressure that can be dangerous. If you are taking nitrates for chest pain or have had a heart attack or stroke during the last 6 months, you should not take Cenforce 100mg Tablet.

Q-8. Can I take Cenforce 100mg Tablet in my twenties?

Yes, if recommended by your doctor, Cenforce 100mg Tablet can be used in your twenties.

Q-9. Does Cenforce 100mg Tablet increase blood pressure?

No, Cenforce 100mg Tablet does not cause a rise in blood pressure. It can, however, cause a drop in blood pressure, particularly when combined with other blood pressure-lowering medicines. Before taking Cenforce 100mg Pill with any other medication, please consult your doctor.

Q-10. Is Cenforce 100mg Tablet safe to use in patients with diabetes?

Yes, if recommended by your doctor, Cenforce 100mg Tablet is safe to use in diabetic patients.

Q-11. Does Cenforce 100mg Tablet affect fertility?

No, Cenforce 100mg Tablet has no effect on fertility, either positively or negatively.

Q-12. Does Cenforce 100mg Tablet affect sperm?

The use of Cenforce 100mg Tablet has no effect on sperm count or its health. It is a prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Q-13. Can I drink alcohol while on Cenforce 100mg Tablet?

Drinking alcohol can disturb your ability to get an erection for a short period of time. It is recommended that you should not drink excessive quantities of alcohol before taking Cenforce 100mg Tablet in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

Q-14. Is Cenforce 100 safe?

Yes, Cenforce 100 is safe if taken for the prescribed length of time and in the prescribed doses as directed by your doctor. However, at successful doses, you can experience some very common side effects such as headache, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, flushing, and pain in the extremities.

Q-15. Can I take Cenforce 100 for fun?

Cenforce 100 is a prescription medication that can only be used with the indication as prescribed by a doctor since it can have its own set of side effects.

Q-16. Does Cenforce 100 delay ejaculation?

No, Cenforce 100 is not known to affect ejaculation.


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Read top user comment, reviews, and ratings about the uses, side effects, benefits, and effectiveness of Cenforce 100. (Click the REVIEWS tab available at the top to read all feedbacks).


I am a 40-year-old male. I have been utilizing Cenforce 100 for some time to treat erectile brokenness. I utilize the 100mg pills. I see Cenforce 100 as amazingly successful. The main symptom for me is a mellow hot flush in the wake of taking one which I really see as somewhat charming. It's generally the main sign that the medication is producing results. I get a solid and enduring erection from it. I likewise find that I last longer before discharge and it gives me a shorter recalcitrant period. It has been a supernatural occurrence medicate for me. I would energetically suggest getting Cenforce 100 rather than conventional sildenafil in the event that you can get it at a comparable cost. In this Pandemic Condition, I Can't reach the pharmacy. Some of the websites delivered this Cenforce 100 online in the USA. is one of those websites that Delivered this kind of medicine with huge discount offers, without the requirement of prescription in the USA. Thanks!!


I have been taking a generic viagra Cenforce 100 for nearly 1 year, I have to tell you it felt great the first time I took it and my erection was like I was a young guy again, I started off with 100 mg of Cenforce which is a generic viagra, im now down to 25 mg to 50 mg, I think the main reason I have been able to reduce my dosage is that I started to do a lot more exercise like weight training and some light cardio, especially lower body training, leg curls, adduction and abduction, I honestly believe this has increased blood flow to the lower regions, Another thing the medicine takes away the anxiety of not being able to get an erection, and I believe that is a great contributor to the problem, Viagra in my country is also expensive so thats why I went to generics, I found some gave me headaches though, the best ive tried so far is the Indian Cenforce 100, I get it online at, I hope my experience helps people, I really felt bad when I couldnt get an erection.

Martin C.02/04/2021

I'm 62 years old and first used Cenforce 100 1 year ago after a family tragedy 'killed' my libido for about a month. On restarting sex only a soft erection was possible and no penetration. I got prescribed sildenafil 50mg and right from first use it was very successful and took away the anxiety. Have used this ever since and am always very hard and capable of any penetration. No side effects. Now use Cenforce 100mg dose and wait 90mins to make sure.


Started using it a few months ago with total success. The wife cuts 100 mg into halves or quarters, but the blue coating makes it tricky to cut. Usually, some crumbs end up on the cutting board, which I wipe up with a wet finger and eat. 25 mg seems to work as well as 50 mg. I'd like to try a whole Cenforc 100 mg but it's so expensive. I usually take it on weekend afternoons, get 2 sessions out of it and can perform the next morning too. I think much of the effect is due to the confidence boost it gives me. Just watching my wife cut the pills gets me physically excited. It's almost like science fiction - taking a pill and returning to the sexual ability I had 40 years ago. Before Cenforce 100, I could perform but not long enough to try multiple positions and reliably satisfy my wife. The only side effects are a relaxed, sleepy feeling and slightly blue vision when I look outdoors in sunlight. We still have sex sometimes without Cenforce, and I perform pretty well without it too.


You only want to take whatever is medically necessary. So start with just like 25mg. If that isn’t working then take Cenforce 100 mg more up to the max your doctor prescribed. Give each dose about 30 minutes to work. There is no benefit to taking MORE than necessary. It will just make you sick at your stomach and not provide any more “potency” on your behalf. It was a great drug, the effect was instant and I lasted for really long.


And on the 8th day, HE created my rod. After taking Cenforce 100 I have been laying more pipe than the water company. I feel like a madman has taken control. The only side effect has been feeling like I am no longer mortal. I have begun wearing superman underwear to contain the beast that was born the day I popped that first pill.


AMAZING! I am 51 and still in love with my wife. This Cenforce 100 has changed my life profoundly. We are close, happy, and satisfied. I would never admit I had ED until it became evident. I should have admitted it a few years ago. Very grateful. Very flush.


Used Cenforce 100 for the first time. Cut 100mg to about 50mg for the first try. It worked great. Within 1-hour had lasting Erection Could have gone for 60-minutes. After 20 minutes went back to normal (I was worried about medicine lasting too long). Had gone to Dr. due to having to wait too long 3-5 days to have a strong erection for my wife. I plan on using 2-3 x per week for healthy intimacy with my wife. Before Cenforce 100 I could get an erection but had to rush when it occurred instead of enjoying the moment and taking our time, knowing I was the full erection and no worry of the hardness intensity going away. As far as side effects I did not have any other than feeling light-headed but that only lasted an hour. 40mg far exceeded my expectations. Purchased from at the very lowest price with fast and free shipping! Thank you SafeMg Team.


Apart from mild headache, Cenforce 100 mg is working great for me. I have used it now for 6 months with consistent results. It is very costly to buy in the USA so I have started using an online pharmacy where they sell Generic Viagra for 20% of the cost. Same results so far. They even have a free trial pack.


At 62, I can happily get an erection but it normally takes my lady about 12 minutes to cum, even with a good warm-up. This isn't a problem, as it usually takes me a bit longer (since I gave up on premature ejaculation suddenly at 24). But things tend to get a bit soggy after a bit, particularly when not missionary positioning, given that the erection's been around for about 25 minutes already. However, Cenforce 100 mg any time in the previous 3 hours or so and a positively 20s erection is the result. It doesn't hang around after ejaculation the way it used to do, but that's not a problem. Only very mild side effects.


I am 47 years old and began having problems with ED within the last year and started taking Cenforce 100MG about 3 weeks ago, I had to change from taking Cialis was causing me quite a bit of back pain. I have found Cenforce 100 is very effective in helping me attain very firm erections and I can last a long time and I have not experienced any negative side effects whatsoever so far. There is sometimes a little loss of sensitivity, but could be due to other factors such as moderate consumption of alcohol. One negative is the timing is hard to manage, find it is effective about an hour after taking, I am usually very hard and able to have strong erections and good sex the following morning after taking also, but obviously, this is not as long-lasting as Cialis was. Overall, for evening erections I have found that Cenforce 100 is stronger for me than Cialis was.


"I am 31 years old and I have been suffering from ED for the last 3 years due to me suffering from an overactive pituitary gland. I have tried Cenforce 100 100mg a few times from and I must admit the pill works 90% of the time. Makes my penis thicker and harder. Best took on an empty stomach and no alcohol consumption."


I am 57 years old. I'm lonely, but occasionally want to meet with women. I even created a profile on the dating site and sometimes meet them in real life. To feel more confident with women, an hour before the meeting I take Cenforce 100. I feel minor side effects sometimes that does not bother me.


Although the timing can be difficult (if your significant other isn't "in the mood" etc.) but otherwise I've used generic Viagra Cenforce 100 and it's been great. My insurance wouldn't cover it so I had to buy Cenforce 100 online to actually afford it (they are pretty expensive) but I found them on an Indian pharmacy that offers 20% off pretty consistently. This is where I get it if anyone wanted to know:


"I'm 48 and I don't have any problem getting an erection, I still fancy my wife very much. This issue I have is maintaining it, then it became a psychological problem. Been on this amazing Cenforce 100 Medicine now for over a year and it works very well for me. In fact, I love the intense erection it gives me. I purchased it from yes, I get facial flushing and a slight headache but ibuprofen sorts that out. If nothing else, I oddly like the flushing now. It makes me feel ready... I started on 50mg and then took myself up to 100mg as I felt it was not as intense as it used to be. For me personally, it takes about 1.5 hours to kick in. I love it!!!"


Oh, I should add that you only want to take whatever is medically necessary. So start with just like 50mg. If that isn’t working then take Cenforce 100 mg more up to the max your doctor prescribed. Give each dose about 30 minutes to work. There is no benefit to taking MORE than necessary. It will just make you sick at your stomach and not provide any more “potency” on your behalf. I purchased it from It was a great pill, the effect was instant and I lasted for really long.


Cenforce 100 was a great pill, the effect was instant and I lasted for really long and I recommend you to buy it from as they have the cheapest rate available.


Cenforce 100 Works great. I am only 40. Started having problems about a year ago. The effect lasted for hours. Thanks to for the best deal available online.


Get a slight headache that lasts about 3 hours after no matter if full or half dose without Cenforce 100 I get hard but only about 85% 90% hard which makes full penetration in my wife difficult. With Cenforce 100 it is 100% rock solid and semen will fly out for 2-3 feet with about 5 to 10 spurts. Before Cenforce sperm just dribbled out. At age 58 Cenforce rolls back the clock to my 20 something self. Cenforce 100 worked better than the Levitra and Cialis. Levitra gave me a massive headache and Cialis made me dog tired the next day. Cenforce 100 works for me.


Cenforce 100 is a great help for people who have erection problems. I have trouble holding it over more than 5 minutes, so Cenforce 100mg is the best solution for me. But the sides are there as well, I experience headache and stuffy nose every time and when I see the experiences here. it is a common problem. If anyone is interested in this drug I recommend you to buy it from the offer it at the lowest price.


Been using it for about a year and a half. I would say I have about an 85-90% success rate. Do not eat anything! Best time for me is in the morning when rested...take 1/2 of Cenforce 100mg tablet and ready to roll in 20-30 min. With another session likely later in the afternoon.


This is a wonder medicine, I have been unable to get a firm enough erection for penetration but after taking the Cenforce 100 mg dose I have full vein pulsing erections that last and last. My wife says I have never been so good as I am now and we can do it several times on a single dose.


53 years old, I work long hours, air travel, very active. I don't have bad ED to the extent that I can't get hard and I don't lose my erection during sex. I do notice it can take a lot longer to get hard during foreplay and my erection isn't as hard as I would like after a very tiring week. So, my doctor prescribed Cenforce 100 mg, he said I cut the pills if I wanted but so far I like the 100's. I take about once per week, works great, get super-duper stand up hardons with minimal stimulation. I'm able to cum very nicely and find myself waking hard the next a.m. Will either masturbate or have sexual activity with the wife again. Notice yet another erection that day. Could probably do it 3 times in 24 hours. My only complaint is that my wife thinks I'm actually too hard and bigger (girth) for her to perform oral sex on me for more than a few minutes, she sort of preferred the smaller less hard version from that standpoint.


I've been on depression and PTSD medication for the last 5 years. Before all of that, I had no problem getting an erection. After 4 disappointing years, I asked my doctor to let me try Cenforce 100 mg. It works exceptionally well for me. I felt like a real man. Masturbating with a flaccid penis just doesn't cut it. Yeah, I'll cum; but it's so much better to have a hard dick in your hand. I've had 2 erections during an 8-hour dose. I feel so much better. My endorphins are running thru my brain. It relieves all of the stress. I'm in a pleasured moment and ready to take a peaceful nap. It's wonderful. I've had no side effects. But a little dizzy since it makes your blood pressure go down.


This is truly miraculous medicine! I wish I had not waited so long to try it. I only take a fourth of the Cenforce 100 mg and it is amazing! My wife is as excited and pleased as I am. The only side effect is a slight headache, but totally worth it. I had actually forgotten how hard I could get! An extra benefit is my cold hands and feet are warm when taking this dose. It was uncomfortable initiating the conversation with my Doctor, but am so glad that I did. Don't wait!


There is a company that produces and sells Cenforce 100 in pharmacies. They have a website and there you can find certified generic medications. When you are searching for cheap Cenforce online, there everyone can appear at the top of the search. Remember to be careful with your health! It's the most important thing in your life.


Generic Viagra Cenforce 100 helps to raise your blood pressure in certain muscles, but pornography will do nothing. The cause is in the brain. The problem is with neurones which can't be activated cause they learnt the pleasure from such things. Can you imagine the difference between generic and official ones? But I found the best tips somewhere on Safemg and make my potency strong.


My male partner has tried this medicine about 5 times. He used it tonight, but no results. The last time he had used it he got an erection within 5 minutes. Previous uses have varied. The Doctor said he could use one pill 100mg now before he had used 1/2 a pill. This is not working. He is 62 years old.


I'm 58, my girlfriend is 42, she has a very high sex drive, needs sex 3 or 4 times a week or more. my performance has been weak at times, ED, not fully hard, lose erections during sex, etc. Decided to try this Cenforce 100 med and very pleased. the first time, Tried 100mg, an hour later, started foreplay, got hard quickly, she proceeded to give me a blowjob and she said I was the hardest I've ever been. I unleashed a huge load in her mouth much faster than I normally come and was able to have straight sex with her 30 minutes or so later. So, I like this medicine, use it 3 times per week.

Mark B.23/09/2019

Regarding erection problems, Cenforce 100 mg is very beneficial for people. By using Cenforce 100 mg, my relationship is fantastic now and I get self-confidence again.


I would say that I had legit surfed the entire net, but couldn't find a site like I'm saying this because it had a beautiful user experience and everything was in place. they have the cheapest prices available on the net and I can bet on it. have no worries about buying generics online as it has the same effect and as mentioned above the cost has a huge difference. will help you with the cheapest price available on the net. Oh, I should add that you only want to take whatever is medically necessary. I had taken Cenforce, with just like 25mg. If that isn’t working then take 100mg more up to the max your doctor prescribed. Give each dose about 30 minutes to work. There is no benefit to taking MORE than necessary. It will just make you sick at your stomach and not provide any more “potency” on your behalf. It was a great medicine, the effect was instant and I lasted for really long.

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