It's vital to us that you can be private online. Only personal data and activities collected by are used in the privacy policy.

Which data are we collecting?

If you use the website, we will learn personal information about you. This information is necessary, for instance, so that we can process your orders or vouchers, respond to your inquiries, and give you extra medical information.

Registration on the site

You need to register online before you can access any area of the website. You will be requested to give us personal information, including but not limited to your name, phone number, email address, shipping address, and billing address, during the checkout or signup process. In order to comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as ethnic codes, we may additionally inquire about the nation of residence of your firm and/or yourself.

This kind of personal data may be used for billing, getting in touch with you about orders and pages used, addressing your inquiries, and even for customer retention. The provided personal information will be used to get in touch with you if we run into any issues processing your applications.

Other Information you provide

We are collecting the information that you have chosen to give us. You might give information after completing this form, sign up for discounts or coupons, fill out contest entry forms, contact us, or provide a different delivery address.


To customise and improve your online purchasing and browsing experience, we employ a well-known cookie system on your web browser. On the hard drive of your computer, the web browser has produced a few little files. Cookies are used to save important information that customers have already provided so that they won't have to when they buy on our website and to remind them that they are your top priority.

Even telling us if you can find out about us is what cookies tell us. We're not used to using secure servers to access information. Once you've entered your username and name, you can access this info. If you want to configure your browser to reject or erase our cookies, you won't be able to make purchases from our site or use too many of its features.

Data Security

All personal information created by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for each web-based financial transaction is protected by administrative, physical, and electrical processes on the website. Your personal information is protected in offices by SSL authentication, which has limited access. Only employees who require specific knowledge to access your personal information in order to carry out a specific job are granted access to it. Although Wordfence, McAfee Safe, and SSL are used to defend our website to keep your data secure, we cannot guarantee complete security. Complete coverage is not promised anywhere, whether offline or online.

Changes in our policies

The policy is subject to modification at any time. Please periodically review our policy.