Your personal data

At SafeMg, we respect your right to privacy and are committed to keeping it safe. We use the information we can gather from our website to give you the best shopping experience possible. As soon as you place your order for the prescription, you will be prompted to create an account that will include your email address, mailing address, name, credit card number, expiration date, and other information. We safeguard the information associated with your account against unauthorised disclosure or release. Only in cases where it is legally required do we divulge any personal information.


Your confidential information will be protected using SSL encryption technology before it is delivered over the Internet if you place an order online. When a result, it is highly challenging to intercept or compromise the information.

Your assent

If we ever change our privacy statement, we'll post the updated terms on this page so you'll always be informed of what data is being collected, how it's being used, and when it's accessible. If you use our website, you consent to SafeMg's processing and use of this data.

Your thoughts

At all times, we value your responses. Please feel free to email admin(@)safemg.com if you have any comments or inquiries concerning our privacy policy.

Shipping Order Policy

Payment will be made for each order, typically dependent on the shipment's weight.

Registered location for delivery

Your default shipping address will be used extensively in your most recent order. By selecting a different drop-down list of addresses during the registration process, you can change your address. Alternately, you can "add a new one." In your account folder, you can choose to update your shipping address whenever you like. Any shipping address you may have can be removed, altered, or added. The orders you've already placed won't be impacted by the changes you make.

The medications listed on our website are alternative products marketed by the company, and the number one mark referring to the promotional product is solely there for the intended customers' information and understanding. It should not be improper for the website to have any future plans to offer the aforementioned medications or any affiliations with the aforementioned pharmaceutical manufacturers or dealers.

The owners of the website and its content are not required to use any of the medications they list there. Additionally, as the website simply distributes information that has already been made public rather than selling actual commodities to anticipated clients, it does not intend to utilise the name pharmaceuticals as a trademark.

Drug Policy

To any pharmacy customer, SafeMg.com will not ship narcotics or a prohibited substance.